How to Hire a Recruiter to Find You a Job

by Wendy Lau
A recruiter needs to understand your needs to find the right job opportunities.

A recruiter needs to understand your needs to find the right job opportunities.

Working with a recruiter can help increase your chance of finding the job you want. Many employers work directly with recruiters to find candidates. When you hire a recruiter who already has relationships established with employers you're interested in, you can get in front of those employers more easily. But, for this to work, you need to know what to look for in a recruiter and how to set the tone for a working relationship.

Find a Recruiter

It's to your advantage to work with a recruiter who specializes in your field of work. These recruiters will have the connections to get you interview opportunities with the companies you're most interested in. Find such a recruiter by asking friends and colleagues in your field for a referral. Your contact may have direct experience with the recruiter and can give you valuable insight. Also refer to industry publications with article submissions by recruiters or articles on the industry in which recruiters may be quoted. Social networking websites also allow you to search for recruitment firms and recruiters in specialized areas.

Share Your Resume

When you have identified a recruiter with whom you want to work, information sharing needs to take place. The recruiter needs to understand your level of experience, capabilities, your availability for work, what you are looking for in terms of an employer and your desired salary range. At this point, you can also share a copy of your resume. The recruiter will review your criteria and experience for suitable job opportunities.

Maintain Contact

Recruiters go through many candidates each day. You can be forgotten if there is no regular communication. Suggest to the recruiter a weekly update where she can share open opportunities she's working on or so you can bring up opportunities you've come across that are interesting; she may be able to put you in contact with someone. Regular contact keeps you on the recruiter's mind and it provides her with a better understanding of opportunities you desire. It is also critical to speak with your recruiter before interviews to gain insight on the employer, to perform your best.

Be Honest

It can become a challenge and a turnoff to a recruiter when you work with other recruiters and apply to jobs directly without informing him ahead of time. It can duplicate efforts and make the recruiter appear disorganized to employers he's working with. Be upfront with your recruiter on any job opportunities you've pursued or plan to pursue on your own or through another recruiter. He will appreciate your honesty and be more willing to present you with job opportunities knowing he is bringing you a lead that hasn’t been pursued.

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