Healthy Snacks for a Preschool Christmas Party

by Shelley Frost

Cookies, candy canes and fudge come to mind as Christmas treats, but those sugary treats lack nutritional value. Simple presentation tricks turn regular healthy foods into festive treats that appeal to preschoolers. Some schools don't allow homemade treats, so check with the preschool before planning the holiday party menu.

Festive Fruits

The sweetness of fruit makes the food appealing to preschoolers. A simple holiday fruit snack is a Santa strawberry. Cut off the bottom 1/3 of each strawberry. A dab of whipped cream on the cut side makes Santa's face. Place the cut tip on top of the whipped cream as the hat, with another tiny dab of whipped cream for the fuzzy top. Mini chocolate chips work well as the eyes. Another fruit snack is a banana and strawberry candy cane. Alternate slices of the fruits in a candy cane shape on a plate. To turn a fruit salad into a festive party snack, arrange the fruit pieces into the shape of a tree. Use green grapes or kiwi for the tree, with other fruit pieces in assorted colors as the tree decorations.

Holiday Veggies

A festive presentation of vegetables makes them more appealing to the preschool class. Green vegetables, such as broccoli, pea pods or celery, work well to create an edible Christmas tree display. Arrange the green vegetables on a platter to form a pine tree shape. Carrot pieces, pepper strips and cherry tomatoes make the decorations for the tree. A drizzle of ranch dressing works as the tinsel. Another vegetable snack option for the preschool Christmas party is a platter full of mini wreaths. Thick cucumber slices create the wreath shape. Add a small piece of tomato or red pepper to make a bow.

Holiday Sandwiches

Mini sandwiches with a holiday theme fill preschool tummies at the party. Make the sandwiches ahead of time, or let the preschoolers make the sandwiches themselves as a party activity. Bagels work well as the sandwich base. Cover the bagels with cream cheese to hold on the toppings. To make a snowman face, use peppers or black olives for the mouth, a baby carrot for the nose and black olives or blueberries for eyes. For a wreath, use green peppers or tiny pieces of broccoli around the edge as the pine boughs. Another idea is to arrange mini wrap sandwiches into a holiday shape. Spread cream cheese on tortillas with other toppings, such as meat and vegetables. Roll up the tortillas and slice about 1 inch thick. Arrange the roll-up sandwiches in the shape of a star, bell, tree or candy cane. A final sandwich option is to cut a sandwich on a piece of bread using a holiday-shaped cookie cutter.

Cheesy Snacks

Cheesy holiday snacks give the preschool students a dose of protein to power through the school day. For individual snacks, use tiny round pieces of cheese to make mini Christmas ornaments. Press pieces of peppers or other foods into the cheese to decorate the ornaments. Another simple idea is to cut cheese into a thick triangle shapes to create little trees. Use a piece of pretzel stick as the tree trunk. Cheese cut into stars also works well.

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