Great Reasons to Become a Teacher

by Elise Wile

Don't become a teacher if you want to earn a fat paycheck and work a fairly non-demanding job. Teaching is challenging, and you won't ever make enough money to buy a private plane, yet doing so is entirely worth the education and effort for many people who enter the field. As an educator, you will have the opportunity to influence lives and affect the future in a way that few other professionals will ever experience.

You Value Children

One of the best reasons to enter the teaching field is that you value children. As a teacher, you have the opportunity to pour your energy, knowledge and caring into the lives of all children who enter your classroom. You can send a message that each child counts, that each has an important contribution to make to society and that all are equally important to the healthy functioning of the community.

Share Knowledge

Chances are, you're considering teaching because you have a passion for history, math, reading, art or another subject. Teaching provides you with the opportunity to convey your knowledge in a creative manner to children who will benefit from it. After all, your bits of fun presidential trivia aren't much use to anyone if they're merely floating around in your own head. And your knowledge of microeconomics could help a budding young entrepreneur's ideas blossom into a viable business.

You Love Learning

If you're considering becoming a teacher, you probably enjoy learning. Teaching will provide you with the opportunity to not only help others become lifelong learners, but yourself as well. Teaching is a fluid, changing field, and new methods and technologies are integrated into classrooms on a regular basis. You'll find yourself constantly learning new things to stay at the top of your field. What's more, students will continually challenge you with questions that you'll enjoy researching so that both you and they can dig deeper into the learning experience.

Job Security

As long as there are children, there will be a need for teachers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that job growth is steady at 12 percent in this field, with many jobs continuing to be available, particularly in areas such as math, science, English as a second language and special education. What's more, in many states, after teaching for several years, you are likely to gain tenure, which grants you even more job security. As a teacher, you can not only find employment in the public school system, but in private schools and as a tutor as well.

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