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How to Know If Your Girlfriend Is Still Attracted to You?

by AshleyTalley

Over time in any relationship it is natural to wonder if the attraction is still there. Men and women alike sometimes question if their significant other is still attracted to them. Sudden changes in a woman's behavior or demeanor can make a man wonder if his girlfriend is still attracted to him. This a completely normal and appropriate question to ask, especially if you are in a long-term relationship. A woman will give off several clues that will let a man know if she is still attracted to him.

Engage your girlfriend in a conversation and begin telling jokes. If your girlfriend is still humored by your jokes, this is a sign that she is still attracted to you. If she brushes off your jokes and appears to not be paying attention, then her attraction level may have fallen off.

When you talk to your girlfriend and she begins to stroke her neck, this is a physical sign that she wants to continue the conversation and that she is intrigued by you. Body language is an efficient way to tell if your girlfriend is still attracted to you. If your girlfriend appears to withdraw, and folds her arms often when talking to you, there may be issues in your relationship that need to be addressed.

Begin to touch your girlfriend in a playful way. If she allows your touches and does not move away, she is still attracted to you. If she brushes your touches off or moves your hands she may be losing interest in you.

Ask your girlfriend her opinion on your outfits. You want her to be honest but not to the point where your feelings are hurt. If over time she never likes an outfit you wear, your girlfriend may not be as attracted to you as she was in the beginning of your relationship.


  • Sit down and have an open discussion with your girlfriend regarding her feelings toward you. Talking about an issue is generally the best way to come to a resolution.

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