Getting Over the Midweek Hump

by Robert Morello

For many people the work week comes to its crescendo of difficulty on Wednesday. As the center point of the week, Wednesday combines the issues of Monday and Tuesday with the prospect that Saturday is still pretty far off. Understanding how to deal with the struggle of the work week and overcome that looming hump day can help you make it through.

Psychological Uplift

Try your best to eliminate Wednesday from your mind by looking forward. For example, make Wednesday the day you make all of your vacation or weekend plans. Instead of wallowing in the middle of the work week, your mind will be on great events to come. If you eat lunch at the office all week, make Wednesday the day you head out for something new in a nearby restaurant. Instead of dreading the monotony, you may start to see Wednesday as something to look forward to.

Assessment Time

Wednesday is perfectly placed within the work week to allow for an assessment of what is to come and what has already taken place. When you use hump day as a tool for career advancement it can cease to be a chore and become an important part of your working life. For example, look over the week's events thus far and create a chart of positives and negatives. By realizing what you do well and what you do poorly you can take steps to develop the skills you lack. Follow your assessment with a plan to improve; implement your plan for the rest of the current week and into the next. Do this every Wednesday and you should begin to see results in both your career and your outlook.

Eliminate Big Stuff

Tedious projects left for the end of the week can make hump day even harder to deal with. Instead of leaving the worst for last and tackling all the easy, fun and quick projects at the start of the week, turn things around and climb the highest peaks first. By eliminating the larger, more difficult projects on Monday and Tuesday, you are left with more enjoyable work for the second half of the week. This simple change can make Wednesday feel like something of a finish line and remove the dread workers sometimes feel toward Thursday and Friday.

Edible Assistance

Use dark chocolate to reduce the amount of hormones you produce and therefore the level of stress you feel on Wednesday and throughout the week. About one ounce every day will do the trick and help lighten your overall mood. Cinnamon is another stress reducer you can add to your Wednesday breakfast menu. Cinnamon has a calming odor that helps take away nerves and add focus.

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