Fun Stuff to Do With Your Toddlers in Fresno, California

by Sara Ipatenco

Fresno is a major city in central California that blends agriculture with modern construction and amenities. It's a typical California city with palm trees, sunny days and warm temperatures most of the year, and Fresno has many activities for toddlers that will keep your child entertained for several hours. Chances are, you'll have a good time, too.

Outdoor Attractions

If you have an animal-loving toddler, she'll gleefully go from exhibit to exhibit at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo ( The zoo keeps birds, snakes, foxes, tigers, orangutans, tapirs, wolves and lemurs. Thrill-seeking toddlers might enjoy the opportunity to watch tarantulas in action or feed the giraffes, too. Spend a spring or early summer weekend day at Mountain Brook Farms (, which is about 10 minutes away in Clovis. Your toddler can pick cherries, apricots, pomegranates and blackberries. For a less structured activity, take your toddler to one of the many parks (, such as Stallion Park or Lions Park, in Fresno. Most of the city parks have playgrounds and open space for your toddler to run around.

Indoor Attractions

If your toddler is like most kids and likes to play with everything he finds, the Discovery Center ( is the place for him. The center is filled with science activities such as magnets, dinosaurs, rocks, sounds and live animals. As a bonus, toddlers younger than age 3 get in free. For an entertaining family event, head to the Fresno Art Museum ( On family days, your toddler can do art projects, listen to stories and perhaps even get his face painted.

Entertainment Venues

For a purely fun outing, take your toddler to Blackbeard's Family Entertainment ( The entire center is done in a pirate theme, which is sure to delight your toddler. While there, your child can play games, ride the Ferris wheel and take a pretend ride on the pirate ship. The only drawback is that the indoor play center is only open on the weekends. On a hot California day, make your way to Island Waterpark ( The large park has several play structures for small children, and a shallow swimming area for your toddler. Wild Water Adventure Park ( has a 15,000-square-foot area dedicated to children. Adventure Bay is thrills a minute as your toddler slides down an octopus, crawls through the submarine and splashes around in a shallow pool filled with sea animal play structures.

Additional Options

Active toddlers who never seem to run out of energy would enjoy SkyWalk Trampoline Arena ( The indoor trampoline arena boasts 7,000 square feet of jumping space. Though your toddler can jump during most open jump times, every Friday morning from 10 until noon, only children ages 6 years and younger can jump. Forestiere Underground Gardens ( is an entire world created under the ground in Fresno. Your toddler can wander through the tunnels, see the gardens and take a snack break on one of the patios.

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