How to Take the Frustration Out of Inventory Control

by Kristine Tucker

Inventory management can be a frustrating job because it's difficult to keep track of large quantities of merchandise. Accounting for current inventory is an endless and overwhelming assignment if you don't have organizational tools that make the job easier and less stressful. Inventory control is manageable once you discover ways to systematize the workload.

Internal Audit

Performing an internal audit of recent consumer purchases makes inventory control more manageable and provides a precise picture of current inventory needs. A thorough analysis of recent contracts and purchase transactions helps you accurately assess surpluses and shortages. According to inventory analysts at Direct Tech, Inc., conducting an internal audit of transactions, such as errors in distribution, current customer demands, order dates, quantity requirements and incomplete deliveries makes inventory control a workable assignment.

Sufficient Reserves

Maintaining an acceptable amount of merchandise takes the frustration out of inventory control. Too much inventory uses up capital and lowers profits. Excessive inventory depreciates, has a limited shelf life, is susceptible to damage and may become useless or obsolete over time, reports "Forbes" magazine. Too little inventory results in lost sales and customer dissatisfaction. As a result, sufficient reserves create a balanced workflow, reduce waste and make inventory control easier to facilitate.

Computer Software or Internet Platforms

Computer software programs ease frustrations associated with counting and calculating inventory, so you don't have to visit warehouses or stockrooms to manually account for products. Inventory-management programs also help with time management, so you can spend more of your work hours assessing inventory needs, rather than logging and recording reserves. According to "Inc." magazine, online platforms such as Paypal, Shopify, Stitch, eBay and Ordoro allow you to manage orders and inventory from any Web browser for a low monthly fee, if you don't want to purchase inventory-management software.

Organized Warehouses and Stockrooms

One of the best ways to reduce stress and frustration associated with inventory control is to maintain organized warehouses and stockrooms. Accounting for products and merchandise is much more efficient when you have organized and strategic methods for storing products. Labeling storage pallets by product name, keeping merchandise in original labeled and quantified boxes, and categorizing inventory by brand, model, size or department can help you streamline reserves. Organization is the key to a well-structured system for maintaining and assessing inventory.

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