Flash Designer Job Descriptions

by Grace Bordelon

Designers use the computer program Adobe Flash to create dynamic online content for advertisements, games and interactive websites. Adobe Flash is part of the larger Adobe software suite that includes Dreamweaver and Photoshop and is one of the most popular programs for presenting online video and animation. Multimedia designers using Flash are part of a growing industry with the introduction of mobile and computer notebooks.


It is common for a Flash designer to have a bachelor's degree in graphic design, animation or computer programming. These degrees often encourage students to spend their final year developing a professional portfolio showing the range and quality of work they created while in school. Coursework for a Flash designer will likely include the basics of graphic design, computer programming languages and animation basics.

Software Skills

While Adobe Flash is a major program for designers, it is part of the larger Adobe suite and just one of several major multimedia design programs. A software suite is a grouping of computer applications that allow a user to move a project project between them easily. For example, add edited photos or sound to a video. Other major software includes the Creative Suite, Lightbox and Maya. The most successful designers will have skills in multiple programs and a solid grasp of computer languages such as html5 and Javascript.

Job Duties

Flash designers get to use their creative and technical skills in projects. When entering this field, it is more likely a designer will be coding and troubleshooting existing projects. As experience is gained, a designer is more likely to get the chance to develop advertisements, games and websites for clients from start to finish. In addition to computing skills, it is important to have strong communication and time-management skills allowing one to work in a timely and smooth manner as part of a team.

Salary and Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2011 multimedia artists and animators made a mean income $68,060. The highest average wages were in the film and video industries and lowest in computer systems design. Flash designers often create web-based interactive video so can expect to be in the higher end. Growth in the industry is estimated as slightly slower than average projected between 2010 and 2020. Salary scale can range depending on where one is located and the size of the company.

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