Examples of Slogans for Workplace Improvements

by Laura Woods

When you’re trying to improve inefficiencies in your workplace, using a good slogan can be a great way to connect with and motivate your employees. Whether you create your own catchy slogan or choose an old favorite, make sure it’s memorable and relevant to the issues you’re trying to resolve. Find a way to convey your message in a manner that speaks to your cause, keeping it brief so it will be easy to remember.


The slogan “All Accidents are Preventable” reminds workers to think twice before acting in a manner they know is not responsible. If an employee is tempted to cut corners to save time or money or avoid completing a certain task they don’t enjoy, these words can remind them not to take the risk. It’s important to constantly repeat safety slogans to your staff, as you want these words to be in their heads, serving as a reminder that accidents don’t just happen; they occur when people behave in an irresponsible manner.


“There’s No I in Team.” People often become competitive in the workplace, wanting to outshine their co-workers in hopes of receiving promotions and raises. This slogan serves as a reminder that while at work, they’re part of a team. Instead of acting in their own best interests, they need to do what’s best for the entire group as a whole. This means consulting others before making decisions and thinking of how their choices will affect others.


“Money Grows on Trees: Recycle Paper.” It’s certainly not a secret that many offices waste a lot of paper. If you’re trying to reduce waste and encourage employees to recycle paper instead of throwing it away, this is a creative way to send the message. This slogan is catchy and the wording kind of catches people off guard, so they’re probably going to read it a few times when they first see it. The next time a worker puts a piece of paper in the wastebasket, he’ll think twice, as the image of throwing away money will be stuck in his head.

Time Management

“If You Don’t Have the Time to Do it Right, When Will You Have Time to Do it Over?” This classic slogan is a great way to encourage good time management with your employees. If you’re experiencing problems with sloppy work and assignments not being completed properly, these words of wisdom can serve to remind your staff that taking the time to do their work right the first time will ultimately help them to be more efficient in the long run.

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