What Are Examples of Computer-Related Jobs?

by Grace Bordelon

Most industries today use computers in some manner -- websites, automated manufacturing systems and internal communications are just a few examples. This means there are many options for careers if you want to work with computers. If you are considering one of these careers, decide whether you are a detail-oriented person or more big-picture. A computer-related job can also lean toward being creative or technically oriented.

Website Designer

Web designers create the visual look and internal coding structure of websites for individuals and businesses. To be a web designer, you must know the major computer languages, such as html, C++ and Javascript. After the structure is made with computer languages, then final visual elements such as typography, animation and interactive features are added with graphic design software. Web designers can work at design firms, in large design departments or can be freelancers.

Software Engineer

Software developers create the applications that make computers useful, and they can range from word processing to photo editing software. The work involves using coding language and creating algorithms to develop the software, and then repeatedly testing it. Creating software does not stop with the release of software; there are often updates for technical concerns or for new platforms, such as mobile. This is highly technical and detail-oriented work.


Making animations can be creative and artistic work that combines computer and drawing abilities. Animators create dynamic moving images for websites, computer games and the film and television industry. Being an animator requires you to be at the computer often, but it also involves drawing, creating sets, taking photos or even working with puppets. Often, animators work in teams to get the work done.

Database Manager

Database managers work for large organizations or companies, where they oversee the way information is stored and moves among employees. The work includes creating, testing and maintaining the database for daily operations, such as searching a customer database. Database managers often start with a core database software and then customize it to the company. Common software to know includes SQL, Access and FoxPro. Working as a database manager is highly skilled work and requires you to be detail-oriented and quick to resolve problems as they arise.

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