Ex Military Job Hunting

by Melissa Samaroo
Finding the right job can help to ease the transition from military to civilian life.

Finding the right job can help to ease the transition from military to civilian life.

Making the transition to civilian life can be difficult for ex-military personnel, particularly those who have served for many years. Finding the right job can help to make the transition easier. Certain civilian jobs are easy transitions for former military personnel, because they are structured in similar ways to the military or require similar skills. There are also agencies that specialize in helping ex-military personnel find jobs, and companies that target ex-military as potential employees.

Specialized Agencies and Websites

It's a good idea to start planning for your transition to civilian life before you leave the military. Military.com offers a transition center for veterans, which offers help creating a civilian resume that highlights the skills you learned in the military, and offers information on job fairs for ex-military. There are also specialized job search websites, such as militaryhire.com and recruitmilitary.com that help pair veterans with civilian jobs.

Law Enforcement Jobs

Like the military, police officers serve the public and help to keep people safe. Ex-military personnel may find it easy to adapt to working in law enforcement, as police departments are structured similarly to the military. Some police departments target ex-military personnel by offering perks such as extra points on the required entrance exam. You can contact your local and state law enforcement agencies to find out if they offer hiring incentives for veterans.

Overseas Contractor Work

A popular path for many ex-military personnel is overseas contractor work. Overseas contractors typically work at rebuilding the infrastructure of Iraq or Afghanistan. In 2011, an estimated 23,000 U.S. citizens worked as contractors in Afghanistan. Though it can be difficult to work at a distance from home, veterans have typically experienced this before and are better equipped to deal with it. The perks for working overseas can be higher salary and paid housing. Overseas contractor firms often attend specialized job fairs to attract ex-military, or you can visit an overseas contractor job-search site, such as dangerjobs.com.

Veteran Recruiters

Some career placement agencies and headhunters specialize in placing veterans, such as Bradley Morris Inc, a Georgia based firm. These agencies examine the skills veterans have learned in the military and place them with companies needing those skills. Try looking for career placement firms in your area, and ask them how much experience they have working with veterans.

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