How to Get Employment With FEMA

by Chiara Sakuwa

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, is part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. It provides emergency assistance to the public in the event of natural or man-made disasters. FEMA employs thousands nationwide at its headquarters as well as its 10 regional offices and other departments. Many jobs focus on providing financial, administrative and technical support to help the public prepare, prevent and recover from widespread domestic disasters. If you are interested in working for FEMA, you can apply online or at your nearest regional office.

Locate and review FEMA job vacancy announcements on the USAJobs website or at your local FEMA regional office. If applying online, follow the prompts carefully to ensure you provide the right information. Review all terms and qualification requirements. Also, locate any additional requested documents, including your resume, proof of citizenship, professional licenses or certifications and veteran's preference documentation.

Fill out the FEMA job application online. Submit your online application package by the specified deadline; and send in all additional requested documents by mail, fax or electronic upload to the specified address. Processing turnaround times vary according to position or staffing needs. If you are selected, a hiring manager will likely contact you within the next few weeks to schedule an interview.

Interview with the designated FEMA hiring official by phone or in person. If interviewing over the phone, ensure you are not interrupted and that you have all requested supporting documents on hand for reference. If interviewing in person, begin and end the interview with a firm handshake, always maintaining good posture and eye contact. Give enthusiastic and focused answers based on relevant experience. If selected, a hiring manager will contact you with a start date within several weeks of your interview.


  • Make sure your application package contains accurate information that can be verified on a background investigation, or through personal references, to prevent being eliminated as a job candidate.

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