Elements of a Job Description for an HRM Manager

by Kristine Tucker

A human resource manager serves as an important link that connects employees with senior management to ensure that the workforce sufficiently meets work demands and long-term company goals. When creating a job description for a human resource manager position, include details about the responsibilities and interpersonal skills necessary for the job. You might also include specific supervisory skills and management experience that is required to apply for the position.

General Overview

Because some job applicants might not fully understand what a human resource manager does, the job description should include a brief overview of what the position entails. Overviews are generally written in paragraph form, but you can use bullet points to explain general characteristics of the job. You might include information such as who the human resource manager reports to, her involvement in employee relations and the role she plays in recruiting, hiring and training new employees. You might also include a sentence that mentions necessary management skills such as strong leadership abilities and being an effective communicator with employees and senior management.


Once a job applicant reads the overview and determines that he's interested in the position, he needs more details about specific human resource manager responsibilities. You might list job duties using bullet points, such as participates in job fairs, interviews job applicants, determines workforce needs, handles employee work concerns, oversees company policies, leads recruitment efforts, performs administrative duties and addresses employee misconduct. Some human resource managers also assess and determine employee benefits, create and teach training programs and draft employee-related policies. You might include a bullet point about conducting employee performance reviews if you want your human resource manager to interact with employees in that capacity.


Human resource managers aren't novices in the field and often have years of experience under their belt. Include a section in the job description that specifies the minimal requirements necessary to apply for the job. For example, you might state that applicants must have a minimum of five years experience in the industry, a degree in human resources, business or a related field, previous supervisory experience or proficiency with specific software programs and computer applications. A section about requirements can help you screen out potential applicants who don't have the education, skills or experience to jump into a human resources managerial role.

Specific Employment Details

Every human resource managerial position has employment details that are specific to the company. When you conclude the job description, you might list information about how to apply for the job, what application materials are required, where to send application materials or find application information online, when candidates can plan to hear back from you, an expected hiring date, how many hours a week the job requires and a general salary range. Don't list any information that might change between the posting of the job and the final hiring. For example, don't mention a salary range if you're still discussing that with senior management or list a hiring date if it's unclear when the current human resource manager will be leaving.

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