Elementary School Science Projects on Botany

by Zora Hughes
Your child can learn more about plant growth through science projects.

Your child can learn more about plant growth through science projects.

Some elementary schools allow students to do any type of science fair project, while others assign a topic. If your little one has to do a science project related to botany, the possibilities for science projects are limitless. Help your child choose a plant-related science project that is age-appropriate and in line with what she has learned so far about plants in school.

Plant Roots

Help your child come up with a science fair project that has her exploring the roots of plants. One idea is to do a science project on whether plant roots always grow straight down, no matter what position you try to put the seeds in. Another idea is to compare the root structures of various types of plants. Your child could also do a project exploring the lesser-known plant roots that we can eat.

Seed Projects

Explore how plants start from seeds with your child. One project with plant seeds is to test how well plants can grow without soil, using water gel crystals. Your child can compare by planting the same type of seed in both soil and in the gel. She could also do a science project to determine whether bigger seeds result in bigger plants. Another idea is to test how fast seeds will begin to sprout based on different temperature extremes.

How Plants Grow

Test different factors that affect the rate and quality of plant growth. One idea is to test how plants grow that are exposed daily to natural sunlight compare to those grown under a plant light. You could also help your child study how different environmental factors affect the photosynthesis process in plants. Another idea is to do a project on why plants in greenhouses grow so well compared to regular plants. You can help her create a homemade greenhouse using a milk carton or a soda bottle.

Plants and Soil

Help your child do an experiment to determine which types of soil works best for certain types of plants, such as vegetables, flowers and and other types of plants. You can also help your child determine what materials make for the most effective compost soil, by using a few methods to create her own compost bins such as hot and cold composting. Another idea is to test how much water different types of soil can absorb at a time.

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