Editing and Publishing Jobs in Medicine

by William Henderson
Medical editors assign, review and revise articles for publication.

Medical editors assign, review and revise articles for publication.

Editors and publishers who understand or have specialized training in medicine and health care can find a range employment opportunities at publications, publishing houses and elsewhere. They can also create and edit online content. Having a specialized degree in medicine or science can increase employment opportunities, as will being able to write clearly and meet deadlines.

Medical Journals

Medical journals are the primary publishing outlets for academics, scientists and health care professionals. The New England Journal of Medicine, for example, publishes research and information that illuminates aspects of biomedical science and clinical practices. Its editors evaluate manuscripts for scientific accuracy, novelty and importance, and make sure that articles are free of potential author bias. Publishers of journals expect staff, including editors, to help ensure the publication maintains high-quality standards and publishes unassailable content.


Magazines often use editors with medical experience to author articles. Articles can run in mainstream publications, such as in a men’s health magazines examining the affects running on a treadmill has on the heart, and in industry-specific publications. Publishers work behind the scenes and may play a role in determining the content that will appear in a specific issue.


Previous experience writing and editing education materials can help a medical editor find work at companies that produce medical textbooks. They may be responsible solely on textbook creation and production or may have broader responsibilities, such as hiring and negotiating contracts with writers. Textbook editors may need to rewrite submitted content or create content from scratch.


Copy editors with a medical or science background may find freelance or full-time work with advertising agencies that specialize in health care. They may copy edit, fact-check and proofread promotional and educational materials for doctors, other health care professionals and patients. They may oversee one or more writers. They may also work closely with copywriters, art directors and others involved in individual projects.

Online Content

Editors with previous medical writing experience can often find work editing online content for a variety of employers, such as universities, publishing companies and health care facilities. Employers will want trained editors who know how to tailor content to specific audiences. They may write and edit different types of content, such as articles, reviews and columns. They may also need to work with an art director or designer to make sure content is appropriately illustrated.

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