Easy Jobs That Kids Can Do for Work

by Rick Suttle
Kids can assist elderly people with home chores or getting around outdoors.

Kids can assist elderly people with home chores or getting around outdoors.

Kids under 14 are not permitted to work regular jobs, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, though they still need money for movies, the latest clothing fads or new computer gadgets. If you're interested in teaching your young ones the value of the dollar, there are some easy jobs they can do in and around the neighborhood.


Boys and girls can baby-sit neighborhood kids. Parents are busy in the 21st century, working jobs and running households. At times, they need to run errands, work out or go on dates without the kids tagging along. These situations provide opportunities for your son or daughter to earn easy money while simultaneously helping others. Start by obtaining the going rate for baby-sitting in your area. Create some fliers and have your kids post them in the neighborhood.

Dog Walking

Dog walkers can earn $16 or more for 20- or 25-minute walks, according to "Entrepreneur." But not everyone has a professional dog walker at their disposal. This provides your kids an opportunity to give Spot some exercise and relief, and earn some money. Keep your rates low to remain competitive. Your child can walk multiple dogs each day for even more money if he can control them properly. The only thing he'll need is a multiple dog leash, as it's more manageable than using multiple leashes.

Elder Care

Elderly people are often cooped up inside their homes without the ability to get around. Some may be in wheelchairs and not everyone has an electronic one. Seniors will enjoy the company of your kids to help them with easy chores that are difficult for them to do. This includes changing the bedding, doing laundry, opening mail, wheeling them outside, running to a nearby store for food or bringing the newspaper in. You may need to supervise some of these activities.

Car Washing

Kids tend to gravitate toward water in the summer. Set up a car wash up in your driveway and post signs on telephone poles and in front of your house. Use large letters to advertise your relatively cheap rates, and the ruckus of laughing kids may attract more than a few patrons. You never know when a tired neighbor may pull in to eliminate one of her weekend chores.

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