What Are the Duties of a Gym General Manager?

by M. Skylar Ezell

The general manager of a gym is responsible for providing members a safe place to work out, ensuring the gym's profitability and a wide range of other duties. He is also tasked with overseeing promotional activities aimed at increasing gym membership, and in the case of corporate franchises, carrying out initiatives from the headquarters. As general manager, he is integral to the overall success of the establishment and his tasks may vary depending on the size of the facility.

Staff Management

The gym manager is charged with ensuring the success and quality of work of the facility's staff. This can include a wide range of employees, such as personal trainers and front desk clerks. The gym manager ensures that all staff are adequately trained on how to fully execute their own duties as well as work as a team and maintains a safe work environment. He is also responsible for the recruitment of new staff and enforcing disciplinary actions when necessary.

Administrative Duties

A gym manager is responsible for a wide range of administrative duties. He oversees different aspects of the gym's budget, including payroll and the purchase of new equipment. He also coordinates promotional activities on behalf of the facility in order to increase gym membership. Promotions can include short-term discounted offers for new member sign-ups and temporary membership passes to entice individuals to join the gym. To support these efforts, a gym manager may conduct or coordinate market research in his community to determine the best methods of gym promotion.

Customer Service

As the on-site leader of the facility, the gym manager is ultimately responsible for ensuring member satisfaction with the gym. This requires exceptional customer service skills and the ability to take care of dissatisfied members. When gym staff cannot resolve a member's issue on their own, the manager must work with his team to provide a solution or inform the member of any additional options such as contacting gym ownership. Managers may also book tours for individuals interested in signing up for the gym.

Gym Maintenence

Overseeing the safety and cleanliness of the facilities is an especially important duty of a gym manager. He must effectively manage his employees to ensure that all fitness equipment is working properly to reduce member and staff injury and limit liability on behalf of the gym. He will coordinate the repair or replacement of defective equipment. The gym manager also delegates cleaning duties to his maintenance personnel and other gym staff.

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