What Do DOE & EOE Stand for in a Job Description?

by Debra Kraft

The use of abbreviations and acronyms in job advertisement descriptions became common because newspapers charged for each letter printed. Shortening words reduced the cost for ad placement. Although most job postings are now online, abbreviated words and acronyms, such as "DOE" and "EOE," are used as often as ever.


When you see DOE being used in a job description, it is a short way of saying, “depends on experience.” The intent is to inform applicants that the salary offered will depend on the experience of the applicant. Sometimes DOQ, an acronym for “depends on qualifications,” might be used instead. In a governmental job advertisement, the acronym DOE may be referring to the U.S. Department of Energy or a local department of education.


Probably the most common acronym job applicants encounter, "EOE," is a declaration that a company is an "equal opportunity employer.” Sometimes additional letters follow EOE, such as m/f/v/d. These are intended to inform applicants that the employer offers equal opportunities to applicants whether they are male, female, veterans or disabled.

Other Acronyms

Other commonly used abbreviations used in job descriptions include P/T for “part time,” F/T for “full time” and M-F for “Monday through Friday.” A human resources department is commonly referred to as “HR.” A Bachelor of Science degree is a “BS,” and a Masters in Business Administration is an “MBA.”

Other Abbreviations

Employers might also shorten words without using acronyms. Executive is frequently written as "exec," and assistant as "asst." If the job posting says "benefits are incl." you can trust that benefits are included. Another common way to shorten words is by eliminating vowels. Week becomes “wk,” and weekend becomes “wknd.” If you're ready to contact the employer, you might be asked to leave a "msg" at someone's "ext" rather than leaving a message at someone's extension.

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