How to Know When Your Divorce Is Finalized?

by Kimberly Turtenwald

After you have filed for divorce, the next thing you must anticipate is receiving word that your divorce has been finalized. The process can be quite long, especially if one party fights everything the other party asks for. When the process drags on, the importance of having the divorce finalized becomes paramount. Several ways are available to find out if your divorce has been finalized.

Attend the final hearing. If you are present at the final hearing, you will hear directly from the judge that your divorce has been granted. However, even when the judge announces that you are no longer married, the actual order is not finalized until the judge signs it.

Receive a copy of your final judgment in the mail. If you do not use an attorney, the court system will mail your final, signed copy of the divorce decree to your home. Make sure the courts have your current address. If you used an attorney for your case, he will receive your finalized copy and will mail a copy to you. Call your attorney if you would prefer to come pick it up in person.

Call the courthouse with jurisdiction over your divorce. In most states, divorce records are public record. A clerk of the court should be able to give you the necessary information. Some courthouses may require you make this request in person rather than over the phone.

Go to the local courthouse web access page (if there is one). This website allows you to search public court records for cases. If your divorce is finalized, the website will indicate that the case is closed. The amount of information available will vary by state.


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