Director of Technology Job Duties on a High School Level

by Ron White

The job of a high school technology director has changed immensely since the days of portable TVs and VCRs. The director of technology now plays a significant role in the education process. In fact, the federal government’s executive branch includes an Office of Educational Technology, which provides leadership for transforming education through advancement in technology. This makes the director of technology’s job increasingly more important, and that spells career options for individuals with a background in computers. Before you plan a career in this field, though, you need to understand the duties required.


The director of technology develops the high school’s plan for using technology in the classroom. Often, the director works with a school task force or planning committee to develop a strategic plan for how to use computers, software programs, servers and audio-visual systems. Through planning, the director seeks to maximize the potential for learning and assisting teachers. A key difference between high school directors of technology and those who work at lower levels is that planning for a high school takes into consideration the wider range of coursework. The technology director must plan for the use of technology in TV production classes, computer programming classes and journalism classes.

Equipment Care

The director of technology manages the performance of the high school’s technology equipment to ensure that students, teachers and administrators can use technology efficiently and effectively. He oversees the repair and maintenance of equipment such as computers, speakers and monitors; ensures that the school’s network is secure; performs repair work; upgrades software; and responds to school staff who experience tech problems.

Supervisory Duties

The director of technology oversees the technology department. This job requires the management of the department’s staff, which may include an assistant director of technology, computer technicians, software specialists, network managers, audio-visual managers, database administrators and web developers. The director assists in hiring the department’s employees, recommends individuals for promotion, and generally directs and supervises all technology department personnel.


The director of technology oversees the training of teachers and administrators, who must be taught how to use technologies. The director provides training on an individual basis and also holds seminars and in-service sessions. This training helps the teachers create and manage systems for classroom grading, curriculum development, communication and scheduling, and provides them with the knowledge needed to operate computer systems and software and audio-visual devices.

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