Definition of Short Term Goal Setting

by Sam Ashe-Edmunds

Fulfilling your ambitions is easier if you create a long-term plan that includes a series of goals you’ll achieve at different times during your career. To successfully implement the plan, it helps to set short-term goals along the way. While there’s no specific definition for a short-term goal, it’s usually one you can start working on now.

Short-Term Goals

Think of short-term goals as those you can start to pursue immediately, and which you can finish in less than a year. For example, becoming certified in your profession might take a year or more, but planning for it can be a short-term goal. Your planning might include downloading the certification requirements, looking into the cost of training and testing, asking if your employer offers financial assistance, and applying to start the certification process. It might take you several years to become a department manager, but there are many steps you can take to begin preparing yourself during the coming year.

Set Deadlines

One of the keys to attaining goals is to set deadlines. This prompts you to act and keeps you on track. You’ll have a hard time reaching long-term goals if you don’t start working on your short-term goals, so begin setting deadlines for those and working on them sooner than later.

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