How to Decorate a "Leaving a Job" Basket

by Tina Amo

Many employers present a farewell gift to departing coworkers to express best wishes for the future. A gift basket can be the perfect present. Decorating such a basket might seem daunting, but choosing a theme that focuses on the person’s interests can make the project simple. You can create a farewell gift basket that is useful and memorable.

Gifts Themes

The theme for the type of gifts you include in the basket could be based on the reason for the worker’s departure. For instance, the basket could include items for leisure for the retiree, office supplies for the worker leaving for a new job and small moving supplies for the person who is relocating. The theme could also be based on memories of the worker's time at the company. For this theme, gift items could include a scrapbook of pictures from coworkers, a plaque engraved with the worker's name and years of service and company t-shirts.

Gift Container

A woven basket is the traditional container for gift baskets, but you can use other items. For example, if your company produces plastic containers, decorate the container to make the gift sentimental. Ideally, the basket or container should be mid-sized with the same width from rim to bottom; but it can be any shape as long as it doesn’t have partitions. Also make sure the bottom is flat, so the container doesn’t wobble.

Lining and Filler

The lining and filler contribute to the appeal of a gift basket. The lining is important if your basket has an open weave, or if you’re using a transparent container. Padding elevates the gifts so they are visible above the rim. You can use newspaper, packing paper, tissue paper or a piece of floral foam. If you use paper, crumple and press it down into the basket to create firm support. Use enough to fill two-thirds of the basket. If you use a foam block, cut it to fit the basket and wrap it with tissue paper. Hide the top of the padding with a layer of raffia.

Arranging the Gifts

Gift baskets are more attractive when the contents are well organized. Arrange the items in the basket by height, from tallest to smallest, with the smallest items in front. Clear some space in the raffia before placing each item. For security, attach a piece of double sided tape to the bottom of each item and secure it to the padding.

Closing the Basket

Basket designers often wrap gift baskets with a sheet of cellophane, shrink wrap or a basket bag. The wrapping adds a professional touch to the basket and also prevents a loose item from falling out. Cellophane sheets and basket bags are readily available in retail stores. Shrink wrap requires a heat gun. You can complete your wrapping with a bow.

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