How to Deal With Management Insecurities

by Melody Dawn

When a manager has insecurities about his abilities and performance, the entire organization can suffer. In many cases this type of boss will have difficulty making decisions and delegating tasks. According to CNN Money, when your boss is insecure, he will do anything to make himself feel better, even at your expense. Expect questions on every action and criticism when things go wrong. Rather than show your frustration with an insecure boss, show your support to help him get past his insecurities. Dealing with an insecure manager requires attention to detail and a willingness to sacrifice your own ego to boost his.

Offer Assistance

Learn what areas your boss feels most insecure with. Pay particular attention when she seems most indecisive, and then offer assistance. If you see she has a hard time delegating authority, for example, suggest employees who could handle each task. Form a team to get the job done, and then praise your manager for a job well done. Once she sees you are on her side, she will fear losing you and there will be less threat for your own job.

Showing Appreciation

According to a 2012 Science Daily article called "How to Handle Your Insecure Boss", you must show gratitude to achieve a better working relationship with an insecure supervisor. When a manager feels she is appreciated, she will be less likely to show aggression and lash out at employees. Thank your boss for her feedback on a recent job you're completed, or tell her you appreciate her help with a task. This will boost her confidence and help ensure that she works toward positive goals rather than blaming others for setbacks.

Acknowledge Positive Traits

Everyone has some type of redeeming quality that makes her useful. Acknowledge these qualities in your boss and speak of them publicly. Make positive comments to your coworkers about your boss’ ability to organize sales meetings, or her ability to encourage others. When your boss feels valued for something she has done or knows how to do, she is likely to transfer those good vibes back to the employees.

Give Credit

Allow your boss to receive some of the credit when you do a task. When you make your boss look good in the eyes of others, he might be afraid of losing you so there will be less conflict between the two of you. According to CNN Money, one of the worst ways to deal with an insecure boss is to take credit for your successes without acknowledging him. Step back and allow him to have the limelight.

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