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How to Deal With Being Introverted

by Cynthia Tucker

If you are an introvert, you often feel like you don't fit in. Others may think you are unfriendly or unhelpful, or that there is something wrong with you. Being introverted is not a flaw, but a way of life for many people. However, introverted people do need to make an extra effort to operate within a world filled with extroverts. Learn how to deal with being introverted, and you can get things accomplished while being true to your desire to be alone and at peace.

Request time to reflect when you have to make an important decision. Ask if you can call the person back or ask for a brochure if you’re in a place of business. This gives you time to think things through, and prevents you from experiencing the anxiety that comes from the need to produce a quick answer.

Offer to take on an activity that you can do alone when participating in group projects at work or school. This allows you to contribute to the group without feeling overwhelmed by the constant contact.

Speak up to avoid others overlooking or disregarding you. Your personality is naturally low key, and you prefer to speak in a low voice. However, there are times when you need people to take notice of you.

Use email when possible rather than picking up the phone. You will find it easier to control the length of communication.

Participate in social activities where the focus is on something outward rather than on you. This may be a fair, concert, conference or museum.

Share your thoughts with others. You tend to think things over reflectively and often solve problems in your head. However, other people may not be privy to what you are thinking. Tell people what’s on your mind even if you think they should know already. Remember they don’t have the same thought process that you do.

Plan activities that have an automatic time limit so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Have lunch with a friend at work or breakfast before work. You will feel better if you know your interaction has a definite end time.

Participate in conversations rather than just listening. Others often view introverts as unfriendly because they are too quiet.

Take a trip during the holidays and restore yourself by listening to music or reading a good book. Introverts need to recharge by themselves after extended interaction with others.

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