Daily Work Activities of a Bank Branch Manager

by Dan Ketchum

It takes a lot of work to become a bank branch manager. After starting out as a teller or loan officer, many branch managers go on to become assistant branch managers, where they may serve for years. Once you become branch manager, your job is to lead all of the personnel in your branch and hone costumer-service relations in order to meet your branch's financial goals. To achieve this challenging goal, your day encompass a variety of activities.

Administrative Activities

A bank manager is a supervisory position. Each day, it's your job to ensure the efficient operation of your branch in all areas, from operations to product sales to customer service. Often, branch managers find themselves delegating tasks to operations officers and bank personnel. Each bank has an overall strategic plan, and it's your daily job to make sure that your branch operates within that plan, and adheres to your bank's mandated policies and procedures. You'll be overseeing the day-to-day work of personnel -- including the assistant branch manager, customer-service specialists and representatives and receptionists -- and facilitating communication between departments and providing regular reports to your higher-ups.

Community Relations

On certain days, your job as a branch manager will call for you to participate in community projects. You help bolster community relations and increase your branch's visibility by investing in special projects, such as historic restorations or eco-friendly retrofitting. Likewise, you may be required to make outside sales or customer service calls to major clients.

Other Activities

Although it may not happen every day, some days include team exercises such as motivational workshops or employee feedback sessions. In addition to motivating them, branch managers are sometimes tasked with training or coaching personnel. On occasion, your day as a bank manager may involve taking on the duties of the operations officer, in the case of the officer's absence. Security and safety duties also fall to the branch manager, so you'll likely supervise the opening and closing of the bank's vault each day, and oversee the security of sensitive paperwork.


The daily work of bank branch manager ultimately serves the overall goals of the branch. It's the branch manager's responsibility to meet or exceed the bank's desired sales results and grow the customer base. Branch managers are also held accountable for the branch's productivity, deposit growth, customer retention and customer cross sell. Ultimately, your performance as a branch's manager will be gauged by the strength of your branch's deposit and loan business -- including new referrals and the retention of existing accounts -- as well as the quality of your customer relations.

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