Customer Services Administration Officer Job Description

by Aaron Guerrero

The quality of customer services a business offers can make the difference between making profits and incurring losses. A customer services administration officer evaluates the operational efficiency of a business to develop customer service policies and procedures that can enhance consumer satisfaction. Most businesses hiring for this position typically look for individuals with a bachelor's degree in business administration, accounting or finance. However, large companies with extensive business activities often require professionals with advanced degrees.

Developing Policies

An effective customer service policy can help a business improve customer loyalty. When developing these policies, a customer service administration officer evaluates factors such as the organization’s size, consumption patterns of customers and industry characteristics. If you are hired by a retail store, for example, you can investigate whether most customers shop early or late in the day before formulating a policy addressing the business’s opening and closing hours. A good customer service policy should promote customer confidentiality and outline comprehensive performance evaluation strategies.

Handling Queries

Sometimes customers can raise complaints that junior customer service personnel can't handle. For instance, if a buyer detects a double charge on his credit card after making a purchase at your store, the customer service administration officer can investigate the matter and solve it in accordance with organizational regulations. When handling such cases, the administration officer should listen carefully to what the customer has to say and ask questions in a caring and concerned manner. Empathize with the situation and promise to help, even if the problem might be with the corresponding credit card company.

Training Staff

Although training employees can be a costly exercise for businesses, it can improve employee commitments and enhance job performance. As a customer services administration officer, you are required to design training programs that will improve the company’s operational efficiency and administer them appropriately. For example, if you are working for a chain store, you can send your support staff to educational workshops in monthly shifts to ensure the day-to-day activities of the business are not affected. With a well-trained support staff, winning customer loyalty won’t be a challenge.

Making Payments

A customer services administration officer ensures the company’s suppliers, service providers and vendors are paid in a timely order to establish closer and more cooperative partnerships. When suppliers are not paid on time, they can discontinue their services, inconveniencing your operations. For example, if you fail to pay electricity bills on time, power might be cut off, forcing you to close down or spend extra money on alternative power sources. The customer services administration officer also keeps accurate records of purchase orders, receipts and invoices.

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