Customer Service Finance Manager Job Objectives

by Alison Green

Providing flexible and inclusive financial services to your customers is key to improving business performance. A customer service finance manager enhances consumer satisfaction by establishing numerous payment methods, offering discount vouchers to loyal customers and conducting product evaluations for cost-reduction opportunities. He also monitors changes in financial regulations and analyzes competitor and market trends. A good customer service finance manager has excellent organizational, research and accounting skills.

Enhancing Satisfaction

A customer service finance manager analyzes consumer feedback to detect preferences and implement strategies to enhance satisfaction. For instance, if customers prefer electronic payments methods so they don’t have to make payments for goods and services in cash, the customer service finance manager may adopt technologies allowing customers to pay using credit and debit cards. A business should provide adequate platforms, including social media, for customers to share their views.

Overcoming Competition

In a competitive marketplace, the company with the most effective marketing strategies often emerges as a market leader. A customer service finance manager can analyze how competing brands treat customers to develop winning financial services. For example, if most businesses offer discounts to customers who reach a certain shopping amount, a creative customer service finance manager may advise her employer to introduce discount cards, which allows every holder to buy goods at reduced prices.

Promoting Compliance

Even as customer service finance managers work toward providing flexible payment solutions, they must adhere to the rules of a competitive marketplace. For instance, when a customer service finance manager wants to advertise a new service, he must do so in accordance with marketing and advertising laws, which require businesses to engage in truthful promotion activities. To enhance compliance, these professionals must monitor changes in relevant federal and state laws and invite government agencies, such as the Internal Revenue Service to conduct annual audits of financial documents.

Maintaining Relationships

A business needs to establish and maintain positive working relationships with strategic partners, such as banks and service providers, to offer improved consumer financing services. A customer service finance manager working in an automobile company, for instance, might enter into agreements with banks so that customers are able to access credit facilities for financing car purchases. An effective customer service finance manager honors contracts, encourages feedback, and promotes open and honest communication with the firm’s partners.

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