How to Get a CT Producer License

by Amanda Maddox

An insurance producer in Connecticut is licensed to sell or negotiate insurance in that state. To obtain a license in Connecticut, you must be at least 18 and able to pass a background check. Other guidelines set forth by the Connecticut insurance department include pre-license training hours in the specific line and the standard licensing fee.

Complete the pre-license education requirements. This includes 80 credit hours for life and health, 80 credit hours for property and casualty and 40 credit hours for each life, accident and health, property, casualty or personal line license, the State of Connecticut Department of Insurance website said.

Pass the written exam administered by the Connecticut Insurance Department with at least a score of 70. The exam tests your knowledge regarding laws and regulations in Connecticut in relation to the lines you plan to sell.

Visit the website for license application for individuals administered by the state of Connecticut. Click on the link for individual producer -- new (applicants for resident licenses only).

Complete the online application. Supply your Social Security number, name, date of birth, address, gender and citizenship. Click “next” at the bottom of the screen.

Fill in the information required on the next page of the online application. Enter your business name, address and phone number. Enter the address where you want your license mailed.

Continue by clicking “next” at the bottom of the screen. Supply the agency affiliations information and check the box beside the lines for which you are seeking a producer’s license.

Click “next” and answer “yes” or “no” to each background question on the following screen. Continue to the following screen by clicking “Next”.

Click the bubble beside “Applicant” at the top of the screen. Read the terms of agreement and click the bubble stating you agree. Go to the next screen by clicking “next."

Review the information you submitted and make sure everything is correct. Enter the verification image in the box provided and click “Proceed with Payment."

Enter your name, address and credit card information, including the type of card, number, expiration date and verification code from the back. Submit your application along with the $140 payment.

Items you will need
  • $140 fee


  • Print your copy of the credit card receipt. After reviewing your application, the State of Connecticut mails your producer license to the address you provided.


  • If you do not receive your license or a statement of decision within six weeks, contact the Department of Insurance.

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