How to Create Virtual Friends

by F.R.R. Mallory

Virtual friends are people you meet and socialize with purely on the Internet via your computer or handheld device. With a virtual friend, you may have no expectation of ever meeting him in person, but you still can share events, interests, music or other hobbies with them. The easiest way to create virtual friends is to identify your hobbies and interests and to join network groups that have subgroups featuring your interests.

Join a networking social site. Dozens of very well known networking sites are out there and easy to join. Because of the size of these websites and their large commercial backing, they are generally considered safe in terms of sharing your personal information. They are free, so no financial information is sought. Select a normal name. Some sites require that you use your real name. If you select a nickname, make sure it sounds like a real person.

Explore the social site and learn how to join groups. Usually, the site will have a search engine and search window where you can simply type in your college or hobby. You will discover that people are interested in everything. Select groups that interest you and join. Again, this is free, so you are not obligated to buy anything.

Fill out your profile and interests on the profile section of the site. People will find you by having a shared interest. Don't share personal information that will identify where you live or your age. Genuine people looking for friends will not need that information and shouldn't ask for it.

Engage in conversations or simply write updates about what is happening in your life. Most virtual friends and network sites will ask you if you want to become friends. You can accept or reject people at any time. You can also unjoin groups if they are not a good fit. When you write updates, people will get to know you, and they will chat with you.

Items you will need
  • Computer
  • Handheld Internet device


  • Select people with whom you feel comfortable. Any time you feel odd about sharing something, it is a pretty good indication that something isn't right. Without judgment, simply move on to chat with people who don't make you feel uncomfortable.


  • Never open email from people you don't know, particularly if the email has attachments. Don't share personal identifying information. Report people whose behavior is offensive.


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