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How to Cope With Your Ex Dating Someone Else

by Laura Nowak

You and your ex parted on reasonably friendly terms, yet you feel like you have been punched when you found out he has a new girlfriend. You suddenly feel a jumble of emotions, including sadness that your relationship truly is over and jealousy that he met someone first. However, even your ex has a right for a second chance at love, as do you.

Realize that this is the final closure of the breakup because your ex has found someone new and is not returning to you. Focus on what is important to you and begin to prepare yourself emotionally to meet someone new.

Discuss with a therapist your own relationship issues, such as do you tend to fall for the same kind of person that always need rescuing. Develop self-awareness about what kind of future partner you want and what kind of qualities you want her to possess.

Realize that your ex's partner is not a goddess or any prettier or smarter than you are. Accept that you will be jealous for a bit, and then wish your ex some happiness in his new life.

Ask yourself, if you were not happy with your ex, if you would want to find a partner that you were more compatible with and that would make you happier.

Watch how your ex's new partner interacts with your children. Show gratitude if he shows kindness and nurture toward your children while they're in your ex's care and if he offers them some positive guidance in their lives.

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