Cool Stuff to Do in Orlando for Teens

by Samantha Kemp

For teens who have had their fair share of Mickey Mouse and Universal Studios, Orlando features a variety of activities that are suited to the wild and crazy personalities of teens. Whether teens are looking for a new activity to enjoy with family or a group outing with their friends, Orlando has something for every teen.

Go to a Water Park

When teens want to get away from 90-degree weather, a visit to a water park is in order. Wet 'N Wild features several group rides, including the Surge, a thrilling five-story tube ride that four people can ride together down 600 feet of twists, turns and dips; the Flyer, a toboggan that carries teens 450 feet; and the Black Hole the Next Generation, a ride that two people take down a dark tunnel that has blasts of colors and sounds. Aquatica, the water park for Sea World, features the Taumata Racer, a competitive mat ride down a steep hill; Walhalla Wave and HooRoo Run, a tube ride through six stories of twists and turns; and the Whanau Ride, a quadruple slide tower.

Go Driving

With tracks full of straightaways that help racers reach maximum speed capacity of 50 mph, tight turns and challenging corners, Orlando Grand Prix offers an experience for any adrenaline junky teen. Racers can compete against up to 12 other drivers, so it can serve as an ideal site for a birthday party or family reunion. Another option is to play WhirlyBall, a mix of basketball, hockey and jai alai that participants play in bumper cars at WhirlyDome. Participants play the sport as a team on a 4,000-square-foot court with up to 10 vehicles on the court at a time.


Teens may have ridden on a boat or a plane, but they probably haven't been on a combination of both. Wild Florida offers air boat tours and air boat rides so that participants can check out alligators and other wildlife as they glide through nature preserves of more than 4,200 acres. The business iFLY lets teens enjoy the thrill of skydiving without the risk. The experience is possible by using a vertical wind tunnel that generates five 200-horsepower fans that circulate air on which participants float without the need for a parachute.

Take a Zip Line

For thrill-seeking teens, Florida offers multiple zip lines that they can cruise down. Florida Ecosafaris provides teens with equipment to glide down seven ziplines surrounded by 68-foot-high trees and three sky bridges. For slightly less adventurous teens, the business offers the Cypress Canopy Cycle, a tour in which participants pedal in a vehicle down high-tension steel cables.

Visit Some Gators

If your teens are more interested in viscous reptiles than Mickey Mouse, take them to Gator Land. The Night Shine experience provides educational information about alligators in Florida's swamp lands while participants point their flashlights toward the water in the direction of glowing eyeballs from the reptiles below the surface.

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