How to Cook Hotdogs in a Slow Cooker

by Jonae Fredericks

Anyone who has ever hosted a barbecue knows how difficult it is to cook for the crowd and enjoy the party all at the same time. If it's your turn to host the next wienie roast, forgo the grill and pop them in a slow cooker. Once you close the lid, cooking begins and you can relax. In a matter of hours, you and your guests can enjoy caramelized hot dogs that will make your cookout a hit.

Remove the hot dogs from their packaging. The average package of hot dogs is about one pound, or approximately six to eight hot dogs. Feel free to add more for a larger crowd. Set them in the slow cooker.

Add seasonings, such as salt, pepper or onion powder, to the hot dogs. You may also add other accompaniments, such as sauerkraut or chili. Just pour the accompaniments and seasonings right on top of the hot dogs.

Place the cover on the slow cooker and set the heat to "high." Cook the hot dogs for 1½ to 2 hours. If you prefer to cook the hot dogs slowly, set the heat to low and cook for four to six hours.

Check the hot dogs after the designated cooking time. They should show signs of browning around the edges.

Switch the temperature setting to the “off” position when they are cooked. If your slow cooker has a “warm” or “serve” setting, switching to this temperature setting keeps your hot dogs warm until it’s time to eat.

Items you will need

  • Hot dogs
  • Seasonings
  • Chili, sauerkraut or other accompaniments, optional
  • Tongs

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