Computer Network Operations Pay Scale

by Dana Severson

Computer networks make it possible for companies to stay connected with their employees and with existing and potential customers. But it takes a lot of man-hours to install, configure and maintain these systems. It also takes a lot of different people, and their salaries vary greatly by position.

Network Control Technicians

Network control technicians ensure computer networks remain operational by testing, patching and resolving an organization's network systems. A survey by Modis, a national IT recruiter, found that network control techs averaged anywhere from $49,580 to $70,416 per year in 2013, depending on experience. Those in managerial positions brought home $99,234, while directors of the department earned closer to $118,129.

Network Administrators

Network administrators design, maintain and monitor an organization’s computer network systems.They may also coordinate upgrades to network software, resolve local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) connectivity issues and implement security measures. A survey by Robert Half Technology, another national IT recruiter, projects 2014 salaries for these IT professionals to be $66,750 to $99,500 per year. Modis provides a slightly lower range, estimating average salaries at $53,995 to $93,313, depending on experience.

Network Engineers

Network engineers manage the installation, configuration and optimization of a company’s computer network systems. As of 2014, these IT professional can expect to earn $86,250 to $124,250 a year, according to the Robert Half survey. As with network administrators, Modis provides lower figures for this profession. Entry-level network engineers averaged $57,679 in 2013. Those with two to five years of experience averaged $72,568, while network engineers with five or more years of experience averaged $86,306 annually. Wireless network engineers, on the other hand, can expect to earn anywhere from $91,500 to $125,250 as of 2014, according to the Robert Half survey.

Network Architects

Network architects plan, design and configure the architecture of an organization’s computer networks. They also make recommendations to employers on how to cut operational costs of network systems, enhance existing network systems and protect both new and existing network systems. As of 2014, network architects should expect to bring home $97,000 to $143,500 a year, reports Robert Half Technology.

Network Security

Although network architects may recommend security measures for computer networks, it’s the security administrator who actually implements them. They also monitor network usage, resolve access issues and update network security software, such as malware prevention. For 2014, Robert Half's survey projects earnings at $95,000 to $130,750.

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