Coaching Leaders on How to Improve Leadership & Organizational Performance

by Audra Bianca

The leaders in your company are important developers of human talent. They help you obtain the highest return from investments in employees, including training and coaching. Find ways to invest in your leaders; give them the tools they need to be better motivators and raise your company's overall performance.

Maturity-Based Approaches

Leaders must manage people of different generations and maturity levels. Coach leaders to adapt their leadership approaches to the people they're leading, perhaps using a tool like the Hersey-Blanchard model. Delegating an independent project to a mature or experienced worker might require a quick conversation. Giving a project to an inexperienced worker or someone right out of high school might not be wise if he lacks the skills to complete the work. However, giving appropriate tasks to that person might require explicit directions and an authoritative manner.


Many employees want to develop their skills and gradually accept more challenging tasks. They might want more autonomy, which might mean the ability to choose their tasks and projects or to work on self-managed teams. They might also want to participate in decision-making. Coach leaders on how to give employees new assignments that require learning new information and stretching beyond their comfort zone. If leaders will delegate, they must trust employees and give them a chance to fail.

Communication Skills

Leaders need to build their confidence in handling different employee situations, from communicating senior management decisions to disciplining employees for violating rules or procedures. Give leaders the chance to get communication training and development wherever it is appropriate. You might have to bring in trainers or send leaders out to private seminars. Leaders who are strong communicators can better explain to employees what must be done to improve organizational performance.


Good leaders build up their employees and encourage them to take ownership in their organization. Help leaders be more positive and encourage them to praise their employees. It's not enough to just recognize what employees do well. Coach leaders to champion their employees' new ideas, such as suggestions that will eliminate unnecessary steps in current work processes and other improvements that will raise organizational performance.

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