Clothes Matching Games for Kids

by Carissa Lawrence

Many kids love to play dress up, look at different clothes and consider different outfit options. Others take joy and pride in using previously learned knowledge to match clothes and accessories to different seasons and activities. Whether you are looking for a teaching tool or a way for your child to express her creativity, there are many clothes matching games she can play alone or with a friend.

What Doesn't Belong

This game can be played at home or in a school setting with one child or with a group of kids. Prepare for playing this game by gathering clothes items and accessories for various seasons and occasions. To play the game, place out a set of clothing including one item that does not fit the theme, then ask the kids what doesn't belong and why. For example, present kids with a bathing suit, flip flops, sunglasses and a rain coat, and have them choose which item doesn't belong and explain their reasoning.

Muffy's Wardrobe

Muffy's Wardrobe, based on the character from the Arthur book and TV series, is an online game that allows kids to practice matching clothes to certain outings and activities. With options including ballet, fishing, basketball, snowboarding and the beach, this game asks kids to dress Muffy in the correct top, bottom and shoes from the selection. Kids are also asked to pick the correct accessory for the activity such as a winter hat for snowboarding and a tiara for ballet. After kids choose their outfit and submit it, Muffy's voice lets them know how many of the four items they have chosen correctly.

Fashion Star

This is an online game that gives kids a chance to practice choosing matching outfits in an open setting. Kids can choose clothing and accessories for a variety of models by dragging and dropping items onto the corresponding area. After each outfit is submitted, it is scored by the judges who highlight good selections and make suggestions on how the outfit could have been improved. There is also a 'free dress' game option where kids can explore their creativity.

Dress Up Junior

Dress Up Junior is a web-based game that can help kids with visual discrimination skills such as shape matching. The game features four models who are all dressed in white. Kids have the task of choosing the correct pieces of clothing for each woman based on the shape. By dragging and dropping the items, kids can dress the women correctly. This game also features an on-screen timer, so kids can enjoy challenging themselves to beat their previous times.

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