What Are My Chances of Getting Deployed If I Join the National Guard?

by Michelle Dwyer
The chances of deploying in the National Guard depend on when and where it is needed.

The chances of deploying in the National Guard depend on when and where it is needed.

Since the Sept. 11 attack, National Guard units have deployed overseas quite often, shifting the perception that it only steps in to handle domestic crises. The National Guard engages in combat with active duty units and also serves in peace-keeping missions. The chances of getting deployed in the Guard vary depending on unit operations. However, history can suggest the odds of your deploying with the National Guard increased with the threat of international terrorism.

Chances of Deployment

The odds of deploying with the National Guard can't be measured. Factors deciding deployments include world events and the unit to which you're assigned. In 2007, the Army scaled back deployments and made them more stable. The goal was to trim deployment time from 18 months to 12 months and provide additional compensation for deployments that occur faster than one every five years. At that time, approximately 275,000 Guard troops had deployed. In 2011, a total of 292,765 had deployed, which means deployments continued to occur. Officers, on average, have served at least one deployment, and some soldiers have served more than three.

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