Casting Assistant Duties

by Dachell McSween

If you are looking for an entry-level position in the entertainment business, consider becoming a casting assistant. Casting assistants are responsible for providing office support to a casting director. Although a college degree in theatrical arts or a related field is acceptable, it is not required for this position. Experience working in the entertainment field can be an asset. You should have a strong knowledge about the entertainment business, such as being up to date on the latest Broadway productions, films and television shows. The Casting Society of America reports that casting offices tend to be busy and stressful work environments. So, you should definitely be prepared to work long hours, especially during deadline periods.

Perform Administrative Duties

Whether it is making calls or sending emails to agents and clients, casting assistants perform a variety of administrative tasks. Casting assistants must find out the agents' schedules to set up meetings and auditions for clients. They also type documents on behalf of the office, including memos and contracts. Depending on the size of the office, casting assistants may also accompany casting directors to high-profile meetings with agents and clients.

Maintain Company Database

Casting assistants are also responsible for maintaining their office's database, which contains pertinent information on clients and performers. They must keep profiles of performers including headshots, agents' contact information and audition notes. Casting assistants sort this information based on particular projects and types of actors. If the casting director is looking for a particular actor with experience working in action films, casting assistants must be able to get this information from the database.

Research New Clients and Shows

If the casting director is meeting with a new client, a casting assistant conducts research on the individual. The assistant must also research new shows and provide details to the casting director about the theme, previous cast and directorial staff. For example, a casting director casting for Broadway shows may ask the casting assistant to compile information about musical scores and cast recordings. Casting assistants must stay abreast of this information and update these files on a regular basis.

Coordinate Audition Sessions

Casting assistants play a significant role in organizing audition sessions. They are responsible for scheduling a auditions, including securing a location and contacting the actors and agents. Casting assistants also prepare all audition materials, including scripts and copies of music for the actors. Depending on the size of the casting office, casting assistants may work the camera and check-in actors for the audition.

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