Careers for Those Who Love Clothing & Home Decor

by Forest Time

If you feel like you have a unique appreciation for fashion, your tastes don't necessarily have to stay confined to your home and closet. A career in one of these fields can turn that passion into a lucrative living, and help you share your style and vision with the world.

Fashion Designers

Fashion designers use their love of style to create new lines of clothes and accessories. Aspiring fashion designers need a variety of skills, such as the ability to sketch ideas or use computer-aided drafting software. The ability to sew is also a plus. It is important that fashion designers understand the wide variety of materials that cane be used to create garments. Many fashion designers learn the tricks of the trade while attending an art and design college. In 2012, fashion designers reported an average income of $72,620 per year to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Interior Designers

Interior designers select colors and types of furnishings that complement indoor spaces, whether businesses or private residences. They consider all aspects of a room, including lighting, furniture, decorations, and the type of materials and colors to be used on the floors, ceilings, and walls. Some specialize in a particular area of design, such as lighting designers, closet designers, and kitchen and bath designers. Like fashion designers, interior designers should be comfortable producing either hand-drawn sketches or computer images for clients. Most interior designer's have a bachelor's degree. The average income for this career, as of May 2012, was $52,970 per year.

Set and Costume Designers

Set and costume designers work in movies, television, and the performing arts, creating the clothes actors wear and the scenes through which they move. Often, set and costume designers must do extensive research to ensure that their work is historically accurate. Then they either locate or create appropriate clothing and furnishings, being careful to stay within their budget. These workers usually have a bachelor's degree in set design, fashion design, or theater. Set designers reported an average salary of $54,310 in 2012. Fashion designers working in the motion picture industry, commonly called costume designers, averaged $81,640 per year.

Boutique Owner

Some who have a love of both fashion and home furnishings open boutique stores that allow them to showcase their taste in both. A consignment shop owner who is selective about what she buys and sells can turn a normal thrift shop into a trendy vintage boutique. While there are of course no educational requirements to open a store, classes in business can be helpful to new business owners trying to learn the ropes. According to the Association of Resale Professionals, consignment stores have been doing well in recent years despite the slow economy, with a 12.7 percent growth in net sales reported between 2008 and 2009.

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