Careers for Social Butterflies

by Dachell McSween

If you are a social butterfly who enjoys working with a variety of people, there are many careers to choose from. For these careers, you should have good communications, decision-making and customer service skills. Also, you should be comfortable interacting with different groups of people ranging from executives to children.

Counseling Careers

Counselors work in a variety of settings, including schools, nonprofit organizations, hospitals, nursing homes, colleges and universities. Most counselors interact with people on a daily basis. For example, school counselors interact with students, parents and faculty. A marriage counselor works with individuals, couples and families. A career counselor interacts with professionals seeking advice with their careers. Since many counseling positions involve helping people overcome stressful and difficult situations, you must have patience and compassion to be effective.

Health Careers reports that health care is a growing and high-paying industry for "people persons." Professionals such as physician assistants, occupational therapists and registered nurses work with people from a variety of backgrounds on a daily basis. For these careers, health professionals must interact with patients, work with doctors and other medical staff and help families cope with medical issues.

Communications Careers

Social butterflies are needed in the communications field to work in areas such as public relations, marketing, advertising and event planning. These careers require outgoing, upbeat personalities who can present information to diverse groups of people. PR specialists are often the public face of a business and correspond directly with the media on a regular basis. Event planners are involved in a variety of tasks, including corresponding with clients, vendors and other stakeholders, organizing programs and securing spaces. These careers require working in a high-pressure environment due to strict and frequent deadlines.

Cosmetology Careers

Cosmetology careers include working as a hair stylist, makeup artist, massage therapist and nail technician. These careers involve interacting with a variety of people. You must have strong social skills to communicate with customers about their needs and chat about a variety of subjects. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that many cosmetologists are self-employed. You must work hard to establish strong relationships with customers, which can lead to repeat business and referrals.

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