Careers Helping People With Their Goals and Dreams

by Jane Quanbeck

Stefan Pylarinos, a life coach and founder of career website Project Life Mastery, says he believes that the success rate of people attaining their goals has become pathetically low. Most people formulate some kind of excuse as to why their goals never became reality, which means they make failure an acceptable outcome. Some of these individuals seek help in ensuring that their aspirations and dreams come true. You can help them reach their targets by entering into various careers.

Life Coaching

As a life coach, you hep someone attain goals by unearthing any barriers preventing success and coaching them to overcome obstacles. In coaching to surmount such challenges, you must listen keenly to your client, make observations, ask questions and offer your honest feedback. People often enlist the services of a life coach because they need someone to cooperate with them, encourage and push them toward their goals and dreams. In this capacity, you can help develop a road map for the client to explore new options or opportunities.

Motivational Speaking

A career in motivational speaking requires you to advise people and encourage them to pursue their dreams or attain their goals. As a motivational speaker, you are bound to brush shoulders with people seeking support and direction in their lives. Your role, in this case, could include helping them attain financial prosperity, form a positive attitude, succeed in business or improve their marriage. To succeed in this field, you must have charisma and a strong voice that delivers an interesting lecture, sparks personal motivation and creates a strong connection with the audience so they each feel you could be their best friend.


Teachers help students realize their dreams by providing them with the education needed to reach this target. Educating others involves activities, such as student evaluation, classroom management, teaching specific subjects and course planning. As a teacher, the public entrusts you with the responsibility of facilitating positive performances by students in their education, which would bring them closer to attaining their goals. You must be a role model who helps students set and attain their aspirations in a moral and ethical manner.


You can become a counselor and help people improve various areas of their lives, such as marriage, careers, health, self-esteem or relationships with others. Counseling careers include mental health counseling, family or marriage therapy, and you can go into private practice or work at mental health facilities. It involves understanding clients’ problems, asking questions to identify goals or formulating a strategy to help them get their lives back on track. To become a mental health counselor, family or marriage therapist, obtain a master’s degree and a license to practice.

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