Careers for a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science

by Scott Morgan

A Bachelor of Arts degree in social science opens a lot of doors. There are few career paths to which a BA in social science does not apply. Degree holders can work in museums, in business, in government, or even in technology. What you do with your degree largely depends on what you want from your career.


Studying for a bachelor's degree in social science means taking an array of courses, including some in government and policymaking. This puts graduates on a good path to careers in public or private administration. Graduates can find work in government and nonprofit organizations, courts and policy research organizations. They can also work for social organizations as program evaluators just as easily as they can work in for-profit companies as purchasing specialists or human resource managers.

Law Enforcement

A bachelor's degree in social science typically involves courses in sociology, psychology and even criminology. This provides an ideal degree path for those interested in a career in law enforcement or the legal system. Those with such a degree can join most municipal or state law enforcement agencies and, in many cases, the FBI. Social science graduates also work well in business security, corrections and in security within the court system.

Travel and Logistics

Social science majors often study geography, which prepares graduates for careers that use maps. Cartographers make maps, but travel agents use them, as do market research firms and emergency management operations, surveyors, developers, and shipping and transportation companies. Many social science graduates work for these types of employers. Others work for federal, state and local government agencies, emergency services, urban planning agencies, business consultants, airlines or railroads.


A major part of a social science bachelor's program is studying how large groups of people live and behave. In the social media age, this skill applies broadly. High-level tech firms, from Twitter to IBM, want social science graduates and their ability to apply logic, creativity and insight to trends and tendencies in customer behavior. These companies also want to know how to more directly engage online customers and shoppers in a more personal way.

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