Career Objectives of a Hotel Manager

by Alison Green

Having a career objective can improve your job performance. A hotel manager focuses on effectively managing capital and human resources to enhance the facility's market position, financial performance, customer satisfaction, and compliance with lodging and hospitality regulations. With good professional training and strong leadership, business and interpersonal skills, you can achieve these objectives with ease.

Improving Performance

A hotel manager must work toward achieving the sales and profit targets set by facility owners and shareholders. This may involve reviewing the hotel’s services and products to set prices that reflect market rates and quality of service and launching marketing campaigns to advertise the property to attract more customers. If a newly established hotel hires you, for instance, you may concentrate on promoting the property to the community in which it operates, offering special rates to improve sales.

Increasing Satisfaction

An effective hotel manager develops creative and innovative ways to enhance customer satisfaction. For example, if a hotel experiences long queues because of a slow booking system, the manager may collaborate with information technology experts to launch an online bookings platform for customers to make reservations in advance. A hotel manager ensures customers' complaints are resolved in a quick and professional manner and may inspect the facility to address emerging issues.

Enhancing Compliance

A hotel manager must ensure the property complies with all relevant federal and state laws to pass inspections by industry regulators. For instance, the facility must adhere to the American with Disabilities Act of 2010, which requires hotels and lodgings to make guest room bathrooms and recreational facilities usable by disabled people. To enhance compliance, you can advise the senior administration to hire legal professionals to assess the facility’s services and products and advise on appropriate adjustments.

Hiring Talent

Working with competent and skilled staff members enhances your chances of reaching your career goals. As a hotel manager, you must implement a recruitment strategy that promotes attraction of talented employees. If the hotel uses local press to advertise job openings, focus on identifying a strategy that is more effective. For instance, you can collaborate with a hospitality college to let students take some practical lessons in your facility, after which you identify potential recruits and offer pre-employment contracts.

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