Career Objectives for a Director of Public Policy

by Erika Winston

Your public policy resume must demonstrate your enthusiasm for public service and social issues. A well thought out objective statement can illustrate your commitment from the very beginning. Though it is a broad statement, the objective should demonstrate your individual point of view as a policy analyst with leadership skills.

Claim Your Title

Your desired career title should be a prominent part of your objective statement. Clearly state your goal to gain employment as a director of public policy. Public policy is a broad area of work and some organizations may have positions similar to public policy director, but may be called something else. Research the duties stated by the desired employer and use the correct position title in your objective. This shows the hiring agent you have done your research and it exemplifies your desire for the particular position they have available.

What's Your Specialty

Because the public policy industry is so broad, most professionals in this field choose a specific issue for focus. This is generally chosen in college, or during the beginning stages of your working career. If it is your desire to continue in this direction, include this specialty in your objective statement. If you have a specific interest in working on environmental issues or poverty issues, make that known to your potential employer. This specification shows the employer you share that particular focus.

Highlight Your Skills

Show the employer what you can contribute to the organization in your objective. Management skills are necessary for success as a public policy director. Your objective statement should include information about your supervisory and leadership work. Also include researching and communication skills. Since you will give more details about these abilities in the experience section of your resume, it is fine to generalize in your objective statement.

The Small Details

Include specific details that interest you in your career objective. You may desire to work internationally or to work in a certain area of the country. These details don't necessarily have anything to do with your area of specialty. You may just have a desire for Italian food or a longing for the rainy days of Seattle. Add these details to your objective if they're a possibility with that employer.

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