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Can You Eat Celery Root Without Cooking It?

by Lauren Corona, studioD

Celery root, which is often known as celeriac, is an edible tuber originally derived from wild celery. Its flavor is not unlike that of celery stalks, but its texture is denser and starchy, similar to potatoes. While it is often served cooked in soups or gratins, it can also be eaten raw.

A Raw Deal

It's not uncommon for celery root to be eaten uncooked. In fact, the classic French dish celeri remoulade utilizes raw celeriac. Its flesh is firm and crispy, so it's usually grated or cut into fine matchsticks when eaten raw, and is often added to slaws or salads. Many people find larger chunks a bit too hard, but its crunchy texture is an advantage when used as crudites. This tuber's complex celery-like flavor is most intense when served raw.

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