Can Civilians Without a DoD Background Get Navy Civilian Jobs?

by Tony Guerra

The Department of Defense and its four service branches are not only composed of military personnel but also of many civilian employees. The size of the DoD civilian workforce varies from year to year, but about 791,000 are on the payroll as of 2013. The Navy alone directly employs more than 200,000 civilians in a wide variety of careers and occupations. And though past military or DoD employment experience is helpful in getting a Navy civilian job, it may not necessarily be required.

Navy Civlian Workforce

U.S. Navy civilians are employed all over the world and they work hand in hand with Navy uniformed personnel to carry out the sea service's many missions. In fact, the Navy's civilian workforce is larger than that of General Motors or Verizon. Of the Navy's 200,000 employees, about 60 percent are military veterans. The remaining 80,000 Navy civilian employees came to their jobs with no military backgrounds and typically obtained their jobs purely because of their qualifications and experience.

Finding Navy Jobs

If you want a job as a Navy civilian, visit the service's civilian human resources website ( and select the "employment" drop down menu for information. Most Navy civilian jobs are offered through the website, but the Navy's civilian human resources website provides helpful information and a portal for finding specific Navy jobs. The Navy offers careers in everything from entry level work to highly credentialed professions. Both the Navy civilian HR website and provide hopeful civilian jobs applicants with employment resources.

Applying for Navy Jobs

Applying for a Navy civilian job is much like applying for any civilian job, meaning a resume will be required. Before you can apply for a civilian job offered by the Navy, though, you'll first have to establish an account at USAJobs. Also, your resume for Navy civilian employment is created entirely through the website and its resume builder. USAJobs also features a number of helpful resume tutorials and employment application guides to help Navy civilian job seekers find employment.

Obtaining Navy Jobs

The resume builder at USAJobs is comprehensive and it puts your resume in a format that Navy civilian HR professionals prefer. Every civilian job offered by the Navy also specifies just who may apply, because some positions are open only to current employees or to veterans. As with any other employer, the Navy wants the right people with the right skill set for its jobs. Before applying for a civilian job offered by the Navy ensure your skills, education and experience match job requirements.

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