Camouflage & Hunting Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

by Samantha Kemp

Energetic kids may like the call of the wild and may want to get in touch with nature for their birthday. The ready availability of camouflage supplies can help you create a streamlined camo and hunting birthday party for your child, whether he is a strong soldier or she is a diva hunter.


Your invitation is the first indication that guests will have of the camo or hunting theme of your party. Send guests invitations that are printed on camouflage card stock. Another option is to use colored card stock with camouflage stickers or a camouflage tattoo. For an added touch, include the time on the invitation in military time. You may also want to ask guests to come dressed up in camouflage or army garb.


A camping destination may provide an appropriate backdrop for your hunting themed party. Lakes, ponds, community parks or state parks provide other natural options. A banquet room may be available at a local hunting lodge, military museum or veterans' center. With enough creativity, you can transform your living room or backyard into a hunting-themed space.


Decorate the venue with camouflage-colored balloons, tablecloths and decorative paper. As an alternative, use brown, black, green and tan colored items for a similar effect. Tear up green and black butcher paper into small and large sections to form do-it-yourself tablecloths. Camouflage in more feminine colors is also available for girl birthday parties. Duck calls can hang around stair banisters or tree branches. Stream crepe paper from the ceiling or around rails. If the party is outside, prop up some tents for your guests and hang lanterns on branches. If the party is indoors, make centerpieces out of branches in galvanized buckets or bowls full of rocks, moss and pine cones.


The activity portion of the event helps you to bring out the camo or hunting theme. Take the kids fishing off the bank or teach them how to use duck callers while traipsing through the woods. Set up an obstacle course for the kids like they are going through basic training. Make some smores and tell scary stories around the campfire.


Cookie cutters can help you cut baked goods into ducks, trees, tractors or other shapes. Add some green and brown icing to finish them off. Another option is to serve foods that are the same colors as camouflage colors, such as vegetables. Present foods in trays to look like rations. Finish the event with a camo themed cake.

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