Business Attitude Etiquette

by Kristin Swain
Leave your negativity and frustrations at the door to help develop a good attitude at work.

Leave your negativity and frustrations at the door to help develop a good attitude at work.

How you conduct yourself at work, including the attitude you project, can directly affect your career. Being successful in business isn't all about how good your credentials are or even how well you do your job. Business is often about building relationships, whether it's with your clients, coworkers or customers. If you have a bad attitude, it becomes difficult to build relationships and makes you more of a liability than an asset.

Being a Team Player

One bit of etiquette you can practice at work to improve your attitude, or ensure you have the right one, is to be a team player. You have to be able to listen attentively to other people's suggestions and be able to work collaboratively to get projects done. You also have to be able to acknowledge the team's accomplishments and contributions to your success. Don't be insecure or territorial about your work. Make sure to communicate effectively in a positive manner with your team members and actively avoid whining or complaining.

Projecting Positivity

When you're at work, your boss wants to know you're happy to be there. Otherwise he may find someone to take your place who is visibly enthusiastic about their work. Projecting positivity doesn't mean you have to be the office cheerleader, but it does mean you should show enthusiasm for your work. Smile and be polite to everyone and take the time to greet your coworkers in the morning. Make sure the work friends you surround yourself with also project a positive attitude. Even if you're not complaining about coworkers or your boss, surrounding yourself with people who do can reflect negatively on you by association. Take care of yourself and take pride in your daily dress and grooming. Be someone who handles a problem rather than creates it.

Personal Problems

One of the best things you can do to have a positive attitude at work is to leave your personal problems at home. Complaining to coworkers, even if it's about something unrelated to work, gives the impression of a negative attitude. It also distracts you from your work, reducing your productivity. While it's perfectly acceptable to be social with your coworkers, limit it to appropriate times and avoid over-sharing the personal details of your private life. Rather than talking to your coworkers about the disastrous blind date you went on, share your knowledge about work projects and current events that relate to your job, such as new technology.

Building Relationships

How you approach building relationships in business is a reflection of the attitude you present in the workplace. When greeting coworkers and clients make sure to speak in a friendly but formal manner. Make sure you are considerate of the people you work with. When carrying on a conversation, maintain eye contact and a friendly demeanor. Smiling is good, but it's not appropriate for every business situation. It's better to maintain an engaged, open facial expression and remain conscious of your body language. Sit up straight and listen to what others are saying, providing thoughtful responses. Maintain your personal space without distancing yourself from others and refrain from touching coworkers or clients in an overly friendly manner.

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