Boot Camps in Milwaukee, WI, for Teens

by Darlene Peer

If you're worried that your teen is racing toward self-destructive or criminal behavior, a boot camp can be an effective way to remove him from toxic influences while he develops his leadership skills and self-confidence. There are many quality boot camp programs to choose from around the Milwaukee area. If you're more concerned about your teen's physical behavior, consider a fitness boot camp to get him moving.

St. John's Northwestern Military Academy Camp

Located just 30 minutes from Milwaukee, Camp St. John's Northwestern offers one-week camp sessions for boys ages 11 to 16. Geared toward high-energy campers, the camp sessions include paintball, rock climbing and rappelling and archery. The camp helps your son improve his leadership skills, self-confidence, teamwork abilities and physical strength and endurance. The summer 2013 session included hunter safety courses; a tour of the USS Cobia, a restored world war two submarine; tours of law enforcement training schools, and a trip to the EAA AirVenture Convention. If your son is a scout, he can even earn merit badges for his participation.

Camp Matawa

An hour north of downtown Milwaukee, the YMCA's Camp Matawa takes kids out of the city so they can find themselves. The camp staff reports that previous campers have returned home more responsible and caring and better equipped to stand up for what's right. Matawa is a small camp that only takes a limited number of campers up to the age of 15. The camp helps your teen develop life skills so he can build positive relationships, be respectful and be more confident. Camp activities include climbing, equestrian, swimming, fishing, mountain biking and off-camp trips.

ChallenNGe Academy

This tuition-free program run by the National Guard helps teens change the direction of their lives. Suitable for older teens, ages 16 years and 9 months to just under 19, your child can volunteer for the program if he is more than a year behind on credits because of truancy, has been expelled or has dropped out of high school. Teens who are on adult parole or probation, or who are currently charged with a felony, do not qualify for the program. Your teen will earn a Wisconsin High School Equivalency Diploma while also working on job skills training; his physical fitness, health, hygiene and nutrition; how to be a responsible citizen; coping skills, and service to his community.

Wild Workouts & Wellness: Teen Wild Workout Program

Boot your teen up off of the couch and into an exercise program. Wild Workouts & Wellness offers an eight-week program created for kids ages 12 to 16. Your young athlete can improve his fitness, strength and agility levels while still having fun. The 45-minute sessions can also help improve his performance in his favorite sports. Best of all, if you have more than one teen, you can sign them both up for a sibling discount.

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