What Are the Benefits of Senior Centers?

by Lee Morgan
Senior centers provide older people with many benefits that improve their lives.

Senior centers provide older people with many benefits that improve their lives.

Nearly every community has a senior center, but most people do not think much about it until they realize one day that they are old enough to attend. The benefits associated with senior centers are significant in the lives of older people and those who care about them.

Social Needs

We never outgrow the need for a social life. This desire doesn't fade as we grow older. In fact, some elderly people become lonely after the passing of a spouse, less frequent visits from family and the physical limitations that may prevent getting out on a regular basis. Senior centers provide a diverse group of peers to spend time with.

Entertaining Activities

Senior centers regularly schedule activities geared toward their clientele. From bingo night to potluck dinners to live entertainment, the senior center is often a favorite place for senior citizens to find entertainment. These activities keep them active, which promotes their mental and physical well-being.

Promoting Independence

Senior centers givie older people a renewed sense of independence. With a full schedule of social activities and friends to meet at the center, the elderly feel like they are doing their own thing. When seniors rely on their families for all of their transportation and human contact, it can make them feel dependent and unhappy. Many senior centers provide free transportation for seniors to and from their homes so that they can come and go as they please, furthering the feeling of independence and freedom.

Health Screening

Senior centers regularly schedule health screenings and make flu shots and other treatment available. This convenient option encourages seniors to get checked for health problems without making additional appointments with doctors, and they get to do it in a place they want to go anyway. These screenings and treatments benefit seniors by providing early detection of health problems and increasing their chances for longevity.

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