Does Being a Makeup Artist Require Physical Attributes or Abilities?

by Ashley Adams-Mott

Possessing certain physical attributes doesn't make a person more likely to enjoy success as a makeup artist. Instead, a career as a makeup artist requires a great deal of technical skill and the ability to present yourself in a professional manner. However, there are certain physical abilities you might want to cultivate or work around to properly function at your job.

Developing Abilities

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the movie, television and theater industries are three of the biggest employers of makeup artists. Whether you work for one of these industries or as a private artist, you'll spend much of your time on your feet applying makeup to a seated client. This means you need to be able to stand for long periods of time or create an environment that lets you sit while working. You also need the manual dexterity to wield a makeup brush and create a specific look. Some states, such as New York, even require a physical exam before awarding an esthetics license.

Maximizing Personal Presentation

When you just start out as a makeup artist, you should act as your own billboard by enhancing your personal appearance with skillful makeup application. Fortunately, this doesn't require a specific body type or facial structure. Focus on dressing up your best features and demonstrating how you can represent or reflect a brand at a cosmetic counter or studio.

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